Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know something about getting married at De Uijlenes? Hopefully the answers below will suffice; if not, please feel free to contact us directly.

For the bride

I want to sign the register in the Forest, can we do this?

Yes, of course! We provide a small table and chairs for you to sign down in the forest. The canopy is thick enough in the forest that it creates a roof and is legal to sign under.

Can I bring my own drinks or alcohol?

We are a fully licensed premises, so you need to purchase all of your drinks through us. You can bring wine and champagne for R20 per bottle corkage by arrangement. Any pre drinks, cocktails, juice, punches, or other drinks must be organised and purchased through De Uijlenes. Your guests are not to bring their own drinks and pour them from their rooms or cars during the wedding. If they do, their drinks will be confiscated and they can collect them from the bar when it closes. Please make sure your guests understand this.

Do you have ice buckets?

Yes, we do. We have got 15 ice buckets to use on the tables. Any ice used during the reception is covered by the venue fee.

Do we have to organise wood for the fires?

The wood for the reception fires are included in the venue fee. We will stock the fireplaces with wood and light them for you throughout the evening.

What decor do you have at the venue that we can use?

We do have fairy lights that are always set up in the venue. There are some on each of the poles in the middle of the venue and along the back wall of the stage there are curtain lights. There are points in the ceiling if you wish to add more. We also have a couple of old bikes and various other items you can use.

Are there electrical points down in the Forest?

No, there is no electricity available in the Forest. We do provide a PA system which comes with a stand,
microphone and mic stand. You can find out more info about the PA system here.

What if it is raining on my wedding day? Where will the ceremony be?

Unfortunately the weather is the one thing we cannot control. In the event that it is raining, we will discuss a plan B with you, which could be inside the venue, on the stoep next to the dam or in the cigar lounge. You can make a call right at the last minute as it doesn’t take long to set up an alternative ceremony site. A forest ceremony in the rain is still an option. It really is beautiful in the forest and because the canopy is so thick during the summer months, you just get the odd large drop of rain that filters through the leaves. You can always tell your guests to pack an umbrella just in case.

What about loadshedding? Do you have a generator?

Yes we do. We have a generator that is able to power the entire farm. When we have a function on, the generator is set up and on standby in case we will need to use it.

Is there any information you need from us?

Yes! When you email us the proof of payment of your catering and venue fee balance, please also send us the following:

  • A table layout; if you can email us the layout of how you would like your tables set out, and also let us
    know which tables and chairs you wish to use. This way we can have them set up and ready for you
    when you or your decor people arrive. This saves a lot of time and hassle. The wooden tables are
    especially heavy, so we prefer to move these to prevent any damage to the floors.
  • Your accommodation list; If you have decided to organise all of the accommodation at the Old Barn
    venue, we will need the list of whom is sleeping where and which rooms require bedding and towels.
    We will also need this list to invoice you for the accommodation.
  • Your schedule of events; to organise our staff and make sure we are all set for your wedding, we will
    need this in advance. The same one you are using for your MC or photographer is fine and in either
    english or afrikaans is also fine. We will sit down with you the day before your wedding day and go
    through this schedule with you so we are all on the same page.
  • When do we need to pay the balance of the venue fees and catering?

    You will need to confirm the amount of guests that you have for catering with Mornay 14 days before your wedding day. Don’t forget to add your service providers (Photographers, DJ, videographer etc). Once we have received this from Mornay, we will email you the invoice for catering and your final venue fees; along with any accommodation you have booked. The invoice will need to be paid no later than 10 days before your wedding date.

    What time do we have to turn off the music?

    Our curfew is strictly 2am. We lock the bar and venue and any music must be turned off. You may sit out on the stoep until any time you wish, but the venue will be locked. If we feel the bass of your music is too loud, we will ask your DJ to turn the bass down at midnight out of respect for our neighbours and any other guests staying on the farm.

    Will non-wedding guests stay in the rooms at the venue?

    No, because of the proximity to the reception venue, only your wedding guests are allowed to book the rooms at the Old Barn venue. You can decide to organise whom sleeps where with these rooms and we invoice you for the accommodation, or your guests can book directly with us and we handle the payments. The guests do not receive the key to their room until the room is paid in full.

    How much does the accommodation cost?

    You pay per person per night for the guest houses. You can contact Riana to get the latest rates. If you do decide to book the guest houses also, you will need to organise the sleeping arrangements of your guests for the houses. The deposit you pay to confirm the guest houses comes off of your final invoice.

    Is the Nonnetjie Uil house included in the venue fee?

    No, you need to check to see if these are available and book separately with another deposit. If you do not book the house, it will be available to other groups.

    For the guest

    Do you have a restaurant on the premises?

    No, we do not have a full time running restaurant on the farm. However, we can recommend some great places to eat locally.

    Is there a kitchen that we can use?

    There is a small communal kitchenette at both the Nightjar and Old Barn venues which you can use to make a coffee and sandwich. It is not full self catering and there are no kitchens in the rooms. The kitchenette has a small fridge, microwave, kettle and cutlery/crockery.

    What are the shared bathroom facilities for the dorm rooms?

    There is a set of ablutions for both men and ladies with four toilets and four showers in each block. There is also a disabled shower and toilet.

    What room options are available at the Old Barn Venue?

    There are three options:

    • Ensuite room
    • Basic room
    • Dorm room

    Bedding and towels are an optional extra for R50 per person per night. Each room has between 3 and 4 beds. Price is per room per night. Click here to see the venue